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A video on how to use car keys or the “Heart Attack”

Keep in mind that when I made this video, that “fistfull of keys” method I started out with did work, but it hurt.  It hurt the pumpkin worse, but when the keys “offset” or splay out, they are splaying out into your hand and it hurts.  The “stabbing key method works great- but remember that you may need that key to drive to safetey, and you may have just bent it in somebodies eye socket (so use a “unused ” key).  The heart attack force multiplier (as you can see) works very good, and they work for exactly the same reason that the “gimlet knife” was banned in the 1740-1880’s- they are very easy for anyone to use VERY effectively.  Basically their design makes you use them right- “pointy end goes into the body, repeat.”


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