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cameras and mass shootings

The attempted mass murder in the Clackamas Mall near Portland Oregon reminded me of an often under-utilized tactical method. Because many people are slow to adapt to technological innovation they often believe everyone is is as well. In the case of business place shootings, many times law enforcement officers react in the same way today that they did ten years ago. In doing so they forget a critical difference: Schools, Malls, Theaters, Banks etc all have security systems- many homes now have security systems. Unlike a decade ago these systems are tied into an internet backbone and can be accessed remotely. Unlike a decade ago any law enforcement officer with a smart phone can be given a code and allowed to access that system to determine if there are multiple shooters, high risk of collateral damage with any given entry, and the ability to remotely collect information on the shooters level of awareness, logistical capability, and ability to do harm. In many cases LEO’s (law enforcement officer/organizations) have had to wait cautiously outside long after the suspect has killed himself, and then do a long and painstaking search for hidden victims, or explosives. All of this could be being done by a two person team talking to the LEO’s via radio, even sending them video for clarity, and the minute the perpetrator is captured or killed damage control can begin. This is something that should be common knowledge at every precinct in the US.

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