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Economic Survival and Wealth Storage

Often times you may hear the investment specialists of the world break out with the old “gold and silver are poor investments”. That is absolutely true. In many cases you are never going to see 10-30% returns on gold. What is often overlooked in that clever statement is that gold-physical gold that is, is likely the best form of wealth storage in the history of the world. As a currency gold meets all of the requirements:

  • General Acceptability: Really who doesn’t accept gold.
  • Portability: The end of your thumb is approximately one troy ounce. Today that is 1600.00. It is very dense and as a result small.
  • Indestructibility or Durability: Virtually indestructible, gold will survive a house fire, flooding, or explosives. Soak your gold in sulphuric acid and its clean.
  • Homogeneity: All gold looks like gold. reacts like gold, and is recognizable as gold by a number of methods.
  • Divisibility: Gold can be divided into the smallest of pieces, and then formed back into larger pieces with no loss.
  • Malleability: Gold can be hammered into sheets so thin they can be used in radiation reactive sunglasses.
  • Cognizability: People who see it, even if they have never seen it before, recognize it.
  • Stability of Value: Throughout history has survived as a means of wealth storage and exchange through the collapse of empires and currencies.

Here’s some stuff you might not know about gold: 

Since ancient Greece gold has been weighed in Troy ounces (not like food, that’s called avoirdupois ounces), there are 12 to a pound, 20 pennyweights (DWT) to an ounce, and 24 grains (like measuring gunpowder, gr.) in a pennyweight (DWT).  Some people sell gold by the gram, they are usually novices or “up sellers” (dealers not miners). Gold is a very unique metal that can only be created in the death of a star- and it is the only metal that best represents the actual color of the sun.  All of the gold in the world could fit in three Olympic sized swimming pools- but more than three times that much gold is sold and traded in promissory notes and bonds  (that’s funny right there- and sad). One ounce of gold can be hammered into a 100 square foot sheet, or stretched into 50 miles of wire (yes 50 MILES) without breaking.  Gold doesn’t tarnish, rust, or corrode; it is an excellent conductor of electricity, reflector, and stops ultraviolet rays as they strike it.  The thin layer of gold used in astronaut face shields enable them to see through a clear visor but the instant they face the sun the UV rays are blocked and the mask turns dark- before the light can pass through it!  But best of all: gold holds its value- from ancient Rome to modern New Orleans gold has retained its purchasing power, and that cannot be said about any other currency in the history of the human race. And you know how “smart folks” say “you can’t eat gold”?  Actually you can.  You can eat gold.  Or drink it in a fine shot of Goldschlager.

In 900 AD, a single gold Dinar would pay for, a night’s stay with food included at a fine lodge in Baghdad, or several weeks’ worth of food for a grown man with his own tent or home. I have one, it weighs a little over a tenth of an ounce, current melt value is about $130.00; if a man had ten of them in those days he could get a finely made sinew and wood bow with metal tipped arrows (the latest in common military personal defense weapons in 900 A.D.).

In the 1880’s a one ounce $20.00 gold coin (several were minted by the various states in accordance with the constitution- (that’s right, the US Constitution) would buy a gold miner the latest colt six shooter, pay his rent for a place in San Francisco for one month while he spent all his earnings, or buy him a new grub stake of pick, shovel, sluice, pan, cookware, and food for one month of prospecting.

Today Keynesian economics are hard at work, and it just might work and it just might not (that would be paper fiat currency).  But I know this, that same one ounce of Gold in 1880 will still pay for a month in an apartment, it will still pay for me to go live in the hills for a month and it will still pay for that new Kimber 45 pistol.  That same ounce of gold is worth the equivalent of 1600.00 everywhere in the world.

Placer gold usually commands a higher price than bullion.  It is very nice as a mounting for jewelry, or even keeping as collector pieces, but you should NEVER melt nuggets as they are considered gemstones, as they are both unique and rare. A one ounce gold nugget occurs in nature less frequently than a 5 carat flawless diamond, and each placer (worked by erosion over millennia) nugget is truly unique.   Gold itself is (contrary to some opinions) intrinsically valuable as it is an irreplaceable component in the space program, computing, and communications.  Gold Bullion (gold smelted, and poured in common ingots of purity and weight) is a common form of wealth storage for all Nations around the world- as well as individuals.  Placer gold differs in that it is a “rock” (actually a gemstone) until it is sold- therefore was not subject to past gold confiscations (yes federal confiscations happened in America), and unlikely to be subject to future ones as well.  If you have any questions you can’t answer with Google- please send me an email! 

And if you are looking for specific pieces or orders contact me at dogsoldierinvesting@yahoo.com

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