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Every Other Hour

So i’m here in Chicago and I noticed they have a radio program called “every other hour”.  The program reminded me that I haven’t really been putting much work into this web site as of late.  I do believe that my fellow Americans with their tradition of individual liberty and sovereignty deserve the best information and tools they can get to preserve their liberty and their lives.  So naturally when i listened to a daily program dedicated to the people shot every other hour in the Chicago area it reminded me that I should probably keep up this blog.  While there is a focus here on “gun crime” there is little attention to “regular crime” like the man who was beaten and raped by two other men while walking up his apartment stairwell.  It was a random assault.  I probably shouldn’t need to point this out but unfortunately I do: In places like Chicago where you have to have a permit and background check TO EVEN OWN A FIREARM (NOT to carry it) every single thug, banger, and freak is already committing a “gun crime”, and it is a small step from that “crime” to many others.  Recently  well known gun control activist was in the news because it was just exposed that she had applied for a FOID (firearm Owner Identification Card) and a Concealed Carry License.    When the obvious taste of rusty nail was pointed out to her (mmmmmm Irony) she said it was just too dangerous to not have a gun.  My recommendation for her would be this:  Get some training.  No trash talking on her political leanings, no cries of disarm her she’s a hypocrite.  She should go to an NRA, POST (Law Enforcement), or Military Instructor and learn safe handling and operation of her chosen piece- and so should you if you take that route.  So remember- friends don’t keep friends from defending themselves.

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