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I was recently asked a question about the difference between Mace V.S. Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is OC, a derivative of hot peppers, Mace is a brand name of a company that used to sell an irritant related to tear gas for personal defense (they now sell both).  Most mace products are actually OC or pepper spray produced by the Mace company( sometimes mixed with tear gas).  Pepper Spray is much more effective against attackers than the old mace irritants, and there is the added plus that OC works on animals while tear gas does not (technically tear gas is referred to as CN or CS smoke/compounds-  Pepper Spray is the organic Oleoresin Capsicum or OC compound).  When shopping check the ingredients, if it is legal in your state you want to get Pepper Spray (and mace is a company with a good reputation) that is over 5% OC and up to 18% OC (10% is used by military and law enforcement- 18% is used by wildlife control).  It can also be measured in scoville (heat) units- anythiing over 3-4 million feels the same (awful) but when you hit someone with it there is a big difference between 500k and 1 million (a BIG difference in pain and swelling).  When you are shopping for a spray just read the ingredients- in some states you must have a liscence to get pepper spray, so CN and CS mace is still made and sold- if you don’t have a choice (due to state laws) CN mace is way better than a can of hairspray, but if you have a choice a good 10-18% stream spray pepper spray with a UV dye in it is a great tool for self preservation!  Also, Mace (CN or CS ) does not work on dogs, wolves, bears, or other dangerous animals- pepper spray (OC) does!  Let me know if that helps.  (Personally I carry the 18% Wildfire on my car keys with a piece of scotch tape over the lock button)

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