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My favorite spy camera

I have been asked what my favorite spy camera is, and although there is a neat factor with things like the pen camera deviceĀ  I have no need to record a conversation about my ass at work, catch a cheating spouse on film, or provide video of somebody taunting or bullying my child. What I do like is knowing what goes on in my bedroom and living room while I am away. Like my dog (we lost her recently and the she devil is missed) pissing on my side of the bed and in my suitcase when I packed for trips. Knowing that my babysitter doesn’t do anything terribly invasive or criminal in my house when the wife and I go out. So I guess my top pick right now is the happy face button . And it is hands down a better agent for santa than the “elf on a shelf”. https://dsiselfdefense.com/product/smiley-face-hidden-camera-built-in-dvr/

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