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Next class will be on nerve strikes

Nervous system attacks do not require a great deal of strength, but the do require “ideal targeting” meaning you have to hit THE TARGET, useing the right angle, force and timing. Nervous system attacks are also a shortcut to stpping breathing, preventing oxygen flow to the brain (like causeing bleeding) causing shock, and wounding your opponent.  Although a nerve strike may not neccesarily wound your opponent, they do temporarily convince your opponents nervous system that it has been wounded.  You have to understand that there are different ways to injure someone- systemically and structurally.  If I break your arm I have injured you structurally, if I knock you out (cutting oxygen to the brain, or rocking the actual grey matter against the internal coating of the skull) I have injured your operating system.  Nerve injuries are usually less permanent (usually being the key word here) but since they require less strength than structural injuries (like breaking your leg) you must be carefull when praticing them- done correctly a little force goes a long way, done incorrectly with a lot of force they can still give the spinal reflex movement you desire, but not the unconsciousness, dizzyness, paralysis or vomiting.  Done correctly with the amount of force needed they are very devastating and con result in death of the opponent.  Different nerves give different results- they are the instruction cables for the meat puppet 🙂  As you know there is a visible similarity but a notable difference in the result of a groin strike vs a solar plexus strike.  Also note that some nerve strikes are over areas that are very structurally weak- the xyphoid process at the solar plexus can be broken of and cause internal bleeding for example.  Following this i will post some nerve strike example links.

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