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Next Week

Since we had Halloween off I will teach an extra hour of review on Monday (like that’s a surprise). We will review defense against blunt instruments, and the first hour will cover edged weapons. Remember when we get to edged weapons that you need to clear the immediate deadly threat, control the opponent and their ability to use the weapon, and nuetralize the opponent. We are didn’t learn to “knife fight” we learned to nuetralize or kill with a knife by causeing shock, traumatic injury, and traumatic blood loss. Likewise when it comes to defense you are not learning to defend yourself against a knife “fighter”, you are learning to nuetralize (through injury) a knife “killer”. Don’t let fear make you lose perspective: A knife is just a tool that makes the attacker “more” effective- just getting the knife controlled, or focusing only on eliminating the knife is a mistake. Here is an example link. Another mistake is attempting to flee a predator- an instinctive reaction in many cases.

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