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On the subject of cameras

Cameras are effective. They serve as a detterent, an early warning, a monitoring system, and often are critical evidence in court cases. What amazes me is how many people are against them to the point that they argue against their effectiveness. That argument carried to it’s logical conclusion is the essence of the victim mentality. Basically the argument is that a witness and a film of a crime will not deter criminals, increased convictions will not deter criminals, and that my cameras reduce their right to privacy in and around my private property. While I agree that public cameras may intrude on personal privacy, it is silly to argue that they “don’t reduce crime”

1 thought on “On the subject of cameras”

  1. Also, on the subject of hidden cams or “nanny cams”- a reasonable expectation of privacy would be in the bathroom, not in my wife’s jewelry box, in my liquor cabinet, or on my phone calling pay by the minute chat lines.

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