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Tulane Monday after turkey day

Last Monday we did standing to ground- closing from the striking range to the clinch, turning throw, hip throw, single and double leg takedown, and big man take down.  We also reviewed escape from the mount, escape from the gaurd, maintaining control on the ground, and keeping the back.  Monday after Thanksgiving (have a happy one by the way) will be more reviews and opportunity for questions.

And then- based on what you want may be the last day of class due to finals.

Next semester will be January 14 start date, Monday and Wed, 7;30-8:30.  50.00 for Tulane Students, 100.00 for non-students and will cover 11 weeks of traing.  For those of you who have taken the class before or are in it now remember you are always welcome to come help teach and assist the new students as they learn to save their own lives.  And although I cant pay you, you are welcome to attend any and every class for free.

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