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Unarmed vs knife

In the last class we kinda got a bit distracted- remember the basics: strategically you want to avoid, escape, or neutralize an armed attacker (and seek assistance to do any of those things). Make no mistake, they will kill you if given the opportunity. Tactically you want to avoid “unarmed against a knife”. Seriously, a rock, pepper spray, a handful of dirt, a can of gas, a pool cue, a hand full of change, a door, a potted plant are all better than unarmed. We practice unarmed first so you can get the fundamentals without the distraction of a weapon of your own. Technically you need to clear the immediate deadly threat (don’t let the pointy end into your body)
control the OPPONENT’s ability to be a threat, and do that for long
enough to nuetralize the threat (through escape, assistance or deadly force). You can take technical shortcuts if it is strategically
logical: if I have a gun I can clear a knife, control my opponent, and neutralize them by keeping the away from me (21 foot rule) and
shooting them. A lot. In fencing a combination of parry (deflection
to clear the other weapon) and riposte (thrust from parry) was often
used to eliminate the need for controlling the opponent. We will cover
riposte in the armed vs armed class.

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