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Yesterday we covered some blood chokes

remember blood chokes cut off blood carrying oxygen to the brain.  In the four life taking steps ( stop breathing, start bleading, open wounds , cause shock) they are a shortcut.  By cutting off blood (therefore oxygen) they do the equivelant of stopping breathing and causing blood loss and they do it temporarily without injury or shock.  Remember to safely apply these to be carefull not to crush the airway- if your pressure is on the trachea it isnt on the caratoids and therefore is less effective, in addition it can crush the airway, cause it to swell and kill the individual, or crush the hyoid bone causeing swelling and death (slowly without medical attention- it is like holding them underwater).  Also remember that holding this choke for 10-20 seconds can result in permanent injury through brain tissue damaged from prolonged lack of oxygen- after 30 seconds you are likely to kill the individual- something you do not want to do unless you have no other option to save your life.  I will post some choke example links for you to review.

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